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Bartlby is a network and system monitor, completely written in C, to provide a scalable framework with the ability to monitor networks of various sizes. It consists of a core daemon, several plugins, and a Web GUI (PHP extension). The core daemon checks (over active/passive TCP) services/hosts and notifies users in case of critical service conditions (mail, SMS, ICQ, and custom triggers are supported). Bartlby provides an open plugin interface to give every administrator an easy to use option to extend the plugin base, and a fully customizable GUI (written in PHP using a C extension). Nearby everything can be controlled via an XML interface. Features: - Easy to handle web interface - Easy Client/Agent setup - Client configuratuin of via centralized web UI - LoadLimit Check's - Customizable notification handlers, easy to build your own way of notification (i.e.: jabber,icq,msn) - User/Worker may select only some services about wich he/she gets notified about in case of error compatible to common monitor plugins - open plugin interface, easy to add you very own plugins/checks - Notification Flood/Flap detection - Tons out of the box plugins - command line monitoring, for those in the server rooms without any graphical surf station - Downtime support - UI is based upon a flexible php extension each page may be easiely modified - datasource independent, you can write your own dataload for example (a text loader) - each plugin can have a performance handler - complete configuration can be done via webbrowser - Flexible XML interface's

Language: C/C++


Network Monitoring Tool - Networking Tool - System Monitor

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