Telecom Datacom map process flow diagram 12.50

Version: 12.50
Telecom Datacom map process flow diagram




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The UCanCode E-XD++ Component Enterprise Edition product family provides a complete set of display components for user interface developers building telecom or datacom applications. These components offer advanced displays for depicting:

- logical network views
- physical map views
- equipment views
- service level or process flow views
- dashboards
- With shapedesigner application, you can use over 100 kinds of basic shapes to create very complex map / telecom Diagram symbols Shapes.
- With a ready diagram editor, you can design any kind of map - network based diagram, and import these diagram file as resource data of your application.
- The size of canvas can be created freely.
- Advanced print and print preview supports, you don't need take any time on print and print preview.
- import any svg file as background.
- Panning and zooming, zooming with slider control. Zooming with mouse wheel.
- Full tested on all windows platform includes windows vista.
- Supports Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2005, Visual Studio.NET 2008
- Ships with full documents and 100% source codes.

Building sophisticated communications interfaces is easy with UCanCode E-XD++ Enterpris Edition. Cut development time by 50% while delivering industry-standard look-and-feel that helps operators make rapid, accurate decisions.

The leading suite for OSS visualization
E-XD++ Telecom Graphic Objects is the a complete suite of VC++ graphic components for operations support systems (OSSs). Developers rapidly assemble visualization layers for the new generation of highly flexible network management systems. Tree views. Table views. Map-based network views (both physical and logical). Equipment views. All without costly, extended development cycles.Plug ready-to-use c++ graphic components directly into your existing network or equipment-monitoring environment. With E-XD++, you enjoy ready-to-use features, flexibility and extensibility for building the best user interfaces.

All the vc++ source codes of the following screen shots will be shipped with full edition of E-XD++ Enterprise Edition Suite:

UCanCode E-XD++ is also the best source code component for adding any kind of network visualization feature to your own application, it was designed specifically to help you create diagrams for human resources management, network diagram, dashboard, and management structures. It will help you visualize and structure information, add illustrations and drawings to your documents and make all this fast and easy, currently, it supports horizontal and vertical tree layout, layer layout..., it is full written with VC++ Source Codes.

Through its Java, .NET and C++, and Flex/AIR map-network view and components, ucancode provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics tools for creating sophisticated, interactive user displays. ucancode's graphics products enhance decision-making speed and ability by making vast quantities of complex data more comprehensible and manageable for users. Developers save 50 to 80 percent of development time when creating displays with ucancode Visualization.
Download Prebuild Network sample

The leader in visualization component -- FULL VC++ Source Code Shipped!

XD++ Diagrammer Suite is the the world’s leading VC++ and .NET visualization component. Renowned for incredibly rich graphics, XD++ helps thousands developers build applications that offer unparalleled functionality. Outstanding productivity lowers project risk and reduces maintenance headaches. With 10 years of dedicated research and development, UCanCode leads the market for visualization technologies, providing outstanding customer support.

The VC++ source codes of this sample is shipped with E-XD++ Library Enterprise Edition, order it now.


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