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Popular Downloads - C/C++, Discussion Software

A-Forum ISAPI application for MS IIS web server III.21

Webmasters can easily design an interactive online discussion board using this ISAPI application and it is mainly designed for MS IIS servers. This...

By: Peter Houri, APD-Soft LLC Homepage


CGIMachine - USERFORUM 2.00

Using this application, administrators can make modifications to the messages sent by the visitors through internet by using passwords. Using this...

By: CGIMachine Homepage


CxIV Internet Discussion System 0.80pre1

Using this efficient system, Users can send and receive messages in the forums faster. This system allows the users to express their views in the...

By: Lion Templin Homepage


WebBoard Premium Edition 7.0

Webmasters can use this interactive system for easy construction of a number of discussion boards and conferences. This tool allows multiple users...

By: Akiva Corporation Homepage


WebBoard - Standard Edition 7.0

Using this tool visitors can easily post and receive messages in the forums. This tool allows any number of users to interact in real time. This...

By: Akiva Corporation Homepage