X-Component MAC-UI Suite for .NET V2007.10

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MAC-UI Suite is the Richest Set of Windows Forms UI Components. This suite contains more than 60 UI controls for creating Windows-based applications with MAC style user interface. This is the unique component suite on the market that supports MAC style on .NET.

MAC Style Suite has most of UI components with such a remarkable render quality and speed. Most of common UI controls you need for an application is available in this suite.

Explore rich and powerful professional and extensible features of many controls designed to bring to your .NET applications the latest GUI standards and technologies:

Bars: XExplorerTaskPane, XMenu, XOfficeTaskPanel, XSplitter, XStatusBar, XTabControl, XTaskPanel, XTitleBar, XToolBar

Editors: XAlphaNumericBox, XCalculator, XCheckBox, XColorAdjustor, XColorBar, XColorComboBox, XColorListBox, XColorPanel, XColorPicker, XColorPool, XComboBox, XCurrencyBox, XDateTimePicker, XDomainUpDown, XDropDownControl, XListBox, XMaskedNumericBox, XNumericBox, XNumvericUpDown, XRadioButton, XRichTextBox, XTextBox, XTimeBox, XTrackBar

Buttons: XColorButton, XOptionButton, XPictureButton, XPictureButtonEx, XStepper, XButton, XButtonEx

Views: XTreeControl, XAnimator, XGroupBox, XLabel, XLinkLabel, XMonthCalendar, XPanel, XVScrollBar, XHScrollBar

Indicators: XContinuousCapacity, XDiscreteCapacity, XProgressBar, XRatingIndicator, XWaitingBar...


Alphanumericbox - Animator - Bars - Button - Buttonex - Calculator - Checkbox - Coloradjustor - Colorbar - Colorbutton - Colorcombobox - Colorlistbox - Colorpanel - Colorpicker - Colorpool - Combobox - Continuouscapacity - Currencybox - Datetimepicker - Discretecapacity - Domainupdown - Dropdowncontrol - Explorertaskpane - Groupbox - Hscrollbar

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