.htaccess Protect With Pleasure v1.0 1.0

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Features include: Easy to install with installation script, Low cost ,Pretty administrative interface ,Don't need SSI, Don't need Data Any Bases / Don't store plain passwords, Help Avaliable, Add, Modify, Delete password protection for any directory on your server. No limit to the number of directories the script can be used on. Central Administration done through the web browser. Easy web based administration, all management is done through your browser. Smart & Easy to use interface. Requires minimum knowledge of FTP and no knowledge of HTML. Central management password required to gain access. Signup form generator. Automatic addition/deletion to .htpasswd and .htgroup files, Customer Invoicing/Statement logs. Keep a detailed record of payments. Administrator automatically emailed a notice of every delinquent account. You won't have to wonder about who paid and who didn't. Mass E-mail all customers/users from an automated form. Keep your customers/users or separated groups up to date on your daily website changes. Auto Account Expiration. Users automatically sent a courtesy email reminding them that their account will be expiring within (admin defined) number of days. Expired Accounts are moved to a separate database, to keep the main database uncluttered, but keeps the accounts available for future re-joining of members.


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