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Is Your Site/Server/Store Protected Well Enough? / Robot control Pro is an professional website security and monitoring program written in perl. RCP is a must for all professional sites, web stores and servers doing business on the internet. RCP is a standalone application. It those not require special modules or modifications to other scripts or files on your server. Its compatible with all UNIX, LINUX based web servers. RCP works automatically and is invisible and unbeatable. / RCP protect and monitor your site/store/server against illegal activities. It will notify you of search engine visits, and all illegal activities. It will automatically stop serious illegal activities sash as: Spam robots, email harvesters, security risks, System 32 Attacks, BRUTE FORCE ATTACKS, Proxy attacks, bad web spiders, hack attempts, page rippers, viruses, worms, hot linkers scripts, bandwidth abuse and other illegal actions. Rcp is definably recommended to Webmasters running a serious or business site/store or membership site. RCP is extremely powerful and comes with a easy to use advanced admin area that gives you a detailed view, stats and full control on the illegal activities on your site, store or server.You should not run a business site without Robot Control Pro. It is just not save! You need a high security level and protection wish rcp can guarantee you... With RCP installed you can safely go on holiday and knowing that RCP automatically will stop, ban, unban all spammers, abusers and hackers.


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