OC11-ACANA 2.0

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OC11-ACANA is the security system for websites for members to protect the contents from Brute Force Attack and Account/Password abuse.

This system cooporates with Apache of your web server and OC11-ACANA Server and protect your site from illegal usage of user account and Brute Force Attack by blocking accesses automatically.

Login status report, transfer status report, subnet status report, manual block/unblock, are available on the web management console.
This web management console has both english and japanese interfaces.

You do not exchange the current web server if you have already managed web site based on Apache on *nix.

Installation is so easy.
1. Registration.
2. Install script which communicates with OC11-ACANA server and a few setting on httpd.conf.


Abuse - Account - Apache - Authentication - Flowed - Password - Protect - User - Web

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