Components, Scripts, Codes: CGI/PERL / Searching / Database Search

Web Dictionary

Web Dictionary is a two way search engine and a web dictionary program. It has features like, converting data files from MS excel or MS access,...

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Swish CGI Interface

This is a perl based interface for SWISH searcher from Kevin Hughes and EIT. This program can be easily customized by users. SWISH and perl have to...

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SMC sitesearch database

SMC sitesearch database is a software providing solution for users helping them to search flat file databases on websites. This program displays...

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SearchQuotes 3.0

SearchQuotes is a online search engine that searches ASCII flatfile archive of quotes. This package contains an archive of 100 quotes to start...

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eDB 0.20

eDB is a search program that is capable of searching small flat file databases. This program is a collection of CGI scripts. This program has html...

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Bible Look-up Program 1.0

Bible Look-up Program that searches the net for the tool you want to perform various activities related to Bible. This program can generate a...

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