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Mioga 2 groupware solution lets organizations involve their partners, suppliers and clients in their project management approach, without any organizational or geographical constraint. Mioga 2 provides libraries and web services tools to set up a secured collaborative extranet. Using any web browser, it makes easier to share and publish document, as it facilitates organizer and contact management. Some modules can synchronize Mioga2 with your PDA or other office tools. Based on standard protocols (HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, WebDAV, ...) and a dynamic URLs mechanism, Mioga 2 can be fully integrated in other environments. Thus, a Zope, Java or PHP application can easily call the tools Mioga2 provides. Developping an additionnal module is faster with the Mioga2 display management libraries and its access rights management. Mioga 2 doesn't require any specific tool on the client. Any web navigator (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, ...) can be used to browse Mioga2 groupware. However, some tools can make easier the use of Mioga, like a directory management with an OS integrated WebDAV (file explorer on Windows, DAVfs for Linux). To manage uploaded documents, many software benefits from WebDAV publication capacity: Mozilla Composer, and more.Features: - Document share : each group owns several workspaces where it can put and manage documents. Access right management permits to define thinly authorized operations (read and write) according to user profiles. Publication and document access is done using a web interface or by drag & drop on the client file-manager (Web directories). - Time management : user's organizer can create and handle different sort of tasks : planed tasks, todo tasks, planification with flexible constraints. You can delegate a task to another user and follow the task evolution. Meeting management module can synchronize each participant and used resources (meeting room, overhead projector, ...) availability to facilitate meeting organization. PDAs synchronization also manages user's timetable. - Contact management : group address book can share all external or internal participants details. With Vcard import and export, you can directly get email signatures and dialog with PDAs. - Communication : each workgroup can use a mailing-list with messages archives and publications tools like news and forums. To send a mail, the organization mail system is used, Mioga 2 manages itself the mailing-list. - Search engine : all data Mioga 2 handles can be indexed and searched with the integral text document indexation. Results are returned according to user access rights. Advanced search functions can limit search extent or refine it. - Full support of UTF-8 - file manager

Language: Perl


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