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WebAPP: Web Automated Perl Portal

WebAPP is the most fully-featured, versatile, free and open-source, flat-file Perl portal script available today! An acronym for Web Automated...

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WebmasterWorld Scripting Forum

WebmasterWorld Scripting Forum offers to have discussion forums for Perl and PHP scripting webmasters, for solving any problems or difficulties...

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Web Developers Index

Web Developers Index offers people to find a programmer and a discussion board for Perl and other topics.

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Ucanlance is a site that gets together clients and service providers. At this site, you can receive free quotes from professional programmers and...

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The Webmasters & Scriptwriters Guild

The Webmasters & Scriptwriters Guild was created to help businesses and individuals find experts with the skills needed to get some specific job...

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The Programmer's Forum

The Programmer's Forum offers an online message board for Perl and other programming related topics.

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Tek-Tips - Perl Technical Help Forum

Tek-Tips - Perl Technical Help Forum offers a message board for perl related links.

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Sitepoint Webmaster Forums

Ask a Web related question and get answers from other programmers and webmasters.

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Freeware Developer Forums

Topics on many different areas of software, website and database development.

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Programming Bids - Freelance IT Services

Programming Bids - Freelance IT Services is a kind of marketplace which matches freelancers, professional programmers and IT consultants with small...

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Perl Course

If you wanted to learn Perl so that you could write your own scripts and web applications or if you just want to be able to modify and customize...

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Perl Monks

Perl Monks is a community site that is committed to sharing Perl knowledge and coding tips. The site contains many questions and their answers,...

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Freeware helps you to find expert programmers who will create custom scripts for you at the prices you want to pay. This works like a...

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GOfreelancers is a dynamic website/community site that offers a marketplace for Freelancers and Buyers to meet and offer their products. If you...

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Get High Forums

Get High Forums offers a message forum for perl, php, and other programming languages.

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This site brings together professionals and project managers. Projects are placed on the site by anyone and these are bid upon by professionals...

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Webmasters or other professionals may post jobs and/or projects where prospective freelance professionals can bid for the projects/positions. It...

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Freeware is a site that provides an online opportunity for designers and web site owners to find programmers who will bid for their...

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Freeware provides an online marketplace for designers and web site owners to find programmers who bid for their projects. Includes, Flash,...

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Freeware Perl Forum

Offering information about perl and a message forum.

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