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Argus is a powerful suite of tools for transaction-based network auditing. Argus captures network traffic like tcpdump does, but aggregates packets to transactions and applies various metrics.Argus comes with a daemon for traffic capture and various client programs in the argus-clients distribution.The clients provided with Argus are all command-line tools, well designed for huge traffic loads and scripting purposes. ArgusEye is a GUI frontend to these clients, for making specific tasks in daily work easier. Features: - Read Argus logfiles (up to ~100,000 transactions) and display the records in a fully configurable view. - Read tcpdump files (on-the-fly converting to Argus format). - Management of remote Argi via SSH. - Live transaction reading from an Argus sensor. - A details view for each transaction. - Hostname and whois lookups of IP addresses. Requirements: · argus clients

Language: Perl


Auditing - Network - Network Auditing - Network Traffic - Networking Tool - Traffic

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