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Popular Downloads - CGI/PERL, File Manipulation, File Backup

Almeza MultiSet Enterprise 8.7.7

Create a bootable disk for unattended installation of Windows, drivers, service packs, and any other applications! Quick Reinstall Windows without...

By: Almeza Research Homepage


NasBackup online Backup for Windows

Backup for the content present in the disks of laptops, Windows Desktop PC and other network servers can be made on the fly. This tool is easy to...

By: NasBackup Homepage


Advance Backup 2.00

Advance Backup is A easy to use script that lets you take backups of your files and also your mysql databases. Store backups on your server or...

By: Plussoftware Solutions Homepage


Daboo Backup 0.03

This is a perl script where the backups can be restored by splitting tar files into bites. This program makes the users create the destination...

By: Dienhart Homepage