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Any company faces the problem of timely software update on all computers as well as the problem of the quick recovery and configuration of an employee's working environment. To solve this problem we offer our product: Almeza MultiSet.

Small organizations often do not have enough funds to employ an administrator and it often happens that regular employees have to update and configure software.

MultiSet will allow you to reduce expenses on calling administrators for every client computer, save a lot of time for everyone and therefore provide more time for employees to spend on their direct duties.

A company before using MultiSet:

1. The software is installed/configured manually with the employee working with this computer being idle at this time.
2. Databases are updated, computers are configured, software is set up - all that is also done manually and requires the administrator to be present at every computer.
3. Every remote office requires system administrators to be employed
4. The IT staff has to be arranged to be on duty 24 hours a day.
5. Expenses on business trips made by technical specialists are necessary.

You get the following benefits after you deploy MultiSet in your company:

1. You will need only 1 administrator at any point on the network to update any amount of software on any number of computers. Note that the time needed to update software on all computers will be approximately equal to the time needed for one computer!
2. It is possible to quickly change the configuration on multiple or separate computers throughout the entire network. Note that the administrator has to be physically present at one computer only.
3. It is possible to quickly and safely reinstall WindowsXP without losing any current data!
4. It is possible to create a master disk for the standard automatic installation of a set of software on any number of computers.


Automatic Setup Software - Bootable Cd Disk - Reinstall Windows - Reinstalling Software - Silent Install - Unattended Installation Os

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