Components, Scripts, Codes: CGI/PERL / Error Handling

WebTR -Trouble Report & Change Handling

A highly efficient database driven Trouble Report and Change Handling System. Keep Track of open and completed change requests or use it for bug...

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Site Eyes I.32

Site Eyes works with perl driven web portals to help the webmasters to track the error log file. This script automatically redirects the error...

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Page Guard Pro 1.I

Page Guard Pro is a perl tool to build your website error pages in a way you desire. This script allows you to customize all possible error pages....

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Nimda Attack Log P 1.I

Nimda Attack Log P Linux compatible. Takes any clf(common log format) or similar log file and parses it for nimda requests from an infected...

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Nimda Attack Log Parse 1.0

Takes any clf(common log format) or similar log file and parses it for nimda requests from an infected computer. With this info., it creates a...

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M&M Error Director 2.1.2002

MM Error Director is a handy perl based tool for the webmasters to find out the errors with their site pages without spending time. It can store...

By: Michael May Homepage


HTTP Error Page 1.0

HTTP Error Page is designed to give a professional look for your website by displaying standard error monitoring pages. This tool enables you to...

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ErrorFriendly 2.I

Website error redirection for the ultimate visitor experience! Prevent the annoying 'HTTP 404 Error - File Not Found' message with ErrorFriendly!...

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Apache Guardian ?

Apache Guardian multi-platform compatible. Handles server errors easily. Attempts to solve the site error or can present a friendly, customizable...

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apache html error reports 2.I

apache error log analyer perl script that uses inline::python to generate apache html error reports that totals the errors and categorizes per...

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404 Manager 1.0

404 Manager consists of perl modules that helps the webmasters to find out all 404 errors that would occur on their webserver. This script allows...

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