Components, Scripts, Codes: CGI/PERL / E-Commerce / Ordering Systems


OMNI is a simple online order processing script written in PERL that helps merchants and e-sellers to screen any kind of fraud and hack attempts in...

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Merchant OrderForm Shopping Cart 2.V

Merchant OrderForm Shopping Cart is a full featured order processing e-commerce script in PERL with which webstore owners can create and manage...

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Invoice Center 1.III

Invoice Center is a simple script capable of generating printable invoices for all types of online transactions. Using this script merchants and...

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Fraud Filter 1.I

Fraud Filter is an online order processing software in perl with two stage functions. This addon script is capable of assisting online sellers...

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e-Accountant Pro

e-Accountant Pro is an e-commerce software designed to support the online orders placed for your e-stores. This script provides unique data entry...

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A-VS. Simple Virtual Store 1.III

A-VS. Simple Virtual Store is an e-commerce software designed to generate order forms with HTML pages. This online order processing script is...

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