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Tie::ListKeyedHash 0.41

Tie::ListKeyedHash is a Perl module that helps you to use lists as the keys for multi-level hashes. This is an ideal script when you need to parse...

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Tie::DB_File::SplitHash 1.0

Tie::DB_File::SplitHash splits a DB_File database into as many distinct files as desired. This then distributes hash entries between the files...

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Tie::FileLRUCache 1.00

Tie::FileLRUCache offers a filesystem based LRU cache. This uses the 'last accessed' timestamp generated by the file system to establish the...

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Freeware is a Perl/CGI library which can be used to send mail via smtp/sendmail. This script can also checks for genuine and valid mail...

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Search::InvertedIndex 1.III

Search::InvertedIndex is an inverted indexing system suitable for medium scale searching. This provides indexing or searches by mapping 'keys' to...

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Redlibrary 1.0

Redlibrary is a utility that will help you build your own scripts. It offers the most commonly used perl functions that can be used either as they...

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Freeware 1.0 is a Perl library that is useful while debugging Perl 5 scripts that make use of references & nested data structures. It prints...

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POE - Perl Object Environment 0.27

POE or Perl Object Environment is a networking and multi tasking framework for Perl. It includes an evolving component framework. It also includes...

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OSUtil 1.V

This is a module that would help Perl programs to run on multiple platforms. This is a module for setting variables and defining routines. It...

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Freeware 1.0.0 is a Perl library that can be utilized to parse Frame Maker Interchange Format (MIF). This has especially been designed to be utilized by...

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Lingua::Stem 0.30

Lingua::Stem takes lists of words that are determined by the locale and then stems them to their root form. This facet is of great utility in...

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Chatologica HTML Rotator 1.0

Chatologica HTML Rotator is a very simple perl library. It can be used in your cgi scripts to rotate any html stuff in the output pages. Those...

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HTML::Embperl 1.2.2001

Embperl is a framework for building websites with Perl. It offers an easy way of embedding Perl code in HTML pages. It offers many features that...

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HTML::Template 1.VI

This module tries to make using of HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags. The template is...

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Freeware 0.0.2 is a Perl module that adds features which make Perl slightly more functional. It adds functions such as 'foldr' and ?foldl?. The...

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formlib 0.0

Formlib makes available a few perl subroutines that can help you in handling forms. It allows you to use both methods i.e. post and &GetGetArgs at...

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Freeware 0.25

This provide locking or mutex mechanism under UNIX (using files) and Win32 (using Win32::Mutex). creates file or mutex if they do not...

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EdcomLib 1.0 Alpha 8

EdcomLib is a collection of related and sometimes inter-dependant classes. This allows you to construct a multi-user as well as a dynamic Web...

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dbUnder 1.4.2003

This is a Perl4 Based micro-RDBMS Database Library using flat-files to manage tables and data. It works best with Perl5. It supports multiple...

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DBIx::CGI 0.6

DBIx::CGI is a very easy to use DBI interface that is meant for usage with CGI scripts. The script currently supports drivers such as Pg, mysql,...

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