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Setup Helper

Many of the script installations fail because of incorrect path settings. You can use this script to help you find: your servers path to Perl,...

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Perl raiser CGI Generator

Perl raiser CGI Generator is a perl based program that has ready to go tools for a website that helps to increase traffic and sales. It generates...

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Perl Debug Wrapper Script

Perl Debug Wrapper Script is a simple and useful tool for website development which executes a given scripts internally and prints out every error...

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This script can be used for testing forms. It displays the raw url-encoded GET or POST string and then parses out the variables for...

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cgi_harness is a CGI testing harness that helps you to examine the exact output and environment of your CGI programs. This script changes the...

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Ababa Error Logger 1.0

Ababa Error Logger is a perl driven script that provides functions to manage the error handling module. It logs the error information with their...

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Aardvark Bugs 1.0

Aardvark Bugs allows you to track bugs for the development of any project. At the same time it allows users to easily add new bugs, search existing...

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