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OpenInteract is a web application server written in Perl. It features integrated data persistence, security, user and group management, plus an easy way to create and distribute fully database-independent applications. Features: - A robust system of components that can access your data just about any way that you can think up and present the data in reusable templates. - A very flexible separation of presentation and data access: you can use one template for accessing data from different sources (e.g., a listing of users from the system, from an LDAP server, from an NT/SMB authentication controller, etc.) or you can use one set of data to fill multiple templates. - A consistent security mechanism allowing you to control security for users and groups not only at the task level, but also at the individual data object level. - A simple user and group-management system that allows users to create their own accounts and an administrator to assign them to one or more groups. - A convenient packaging system that makes it simple for developers to distribute code, data schemas, configuration, initial data and all other information necessary for an application. It also makes the installation and upgrading processes very straightforward and simple. - An integrated, database-independent method for distributing data necessary for a package. You should be able to install any package on any database that's been tested with OpenInteract. - The ability to deploy an OpenInteract application server as a standalone service, inside an Apache/mod_perl server, or even accessed as a CGI process. And it's easy to extend OI to use additional interfaces. Requirements: · Apache, · mod_perl, · SQL-type database with DBI support, · SPOPS, · Template Toolkit (v. 2 or later) · Apache::Session

Language: Perl


Application - Server - Server Management - Server Script - Web - Web Application Server

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