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Quickmysql 1.0

The ultimate mySql program for novices and professionals. Web based control of your database could not be easier. Create, drop, view and update...

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Reunion Address DataBase 0.4

Reunion Address DataBase is a Script that has been written in Perl. This assist you in managing an address database. This could be for an...

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ServiceBuilder - Worship Leader Software 50408-0001

Here's a Schedule Scenario:As a worship pastor, you plan a schedule for two months in advance. You want to use as many of the musicians as...

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SunnyScript's EasyData 2

EasyData is a database management system that can handle sequential databases. It manages multiple databases simultaneously and has a very...

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SunnyScript's EasyData Cute

EasyData Cute is a special version of EasyData that is easy to handle all text based information like product overviews, databases of questions and...

By: Sunnyscript Homepage


Text database - PTables I.25

This is a PERL package for creating, querying, updating and deleting text files using SQL query interface. This is actually small text database....

By: Zoran Homepage


The $20 Paypal Ipn Interface Tool 2.01

IPN Interface Tool Is a set of Perl and HTML code for Developers to creat their own IPN Interface to PayPals Shopping Cart or Single Item Sales,...

By: Dave Van Abelaaaa Homepage


The Datafeed System

This system is meant to be used to export data that is stored in databases such as access. This is transferred to the server as a standard text...

By: The Datafeed System Homepage


txtSQL 1.0

txtSQL (pronounced "text-sequel") is a class containing a variety of functions designed to mimic a database system, using only regular text files.

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Universal database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL

WebToSQL is a Web-based database explorer, that uses a RAD tool for development of Web database driven applications. It creates dictionary based...

By: Universal database shell (database explorer) WebToSQL Homepage


Web Knowledge Base 1.II

Web Knowledge Database is used to edit or remove users, it allows user to upload their own script to database, only authorized user can enter and...

By: Srikanth Homepage


Web Oriented Database 3.0

WODA is a Perl program that manages web-oriented, semi-relational, multimedia databases. It allows them to be defined, maintained, added-to,...

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Web Search

This software package has three programs to offer. The first is Web Search Software that searches a flat file database. It also determines the...

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Web-o-Dex 1.0

Web-o-Dex is a web based database tool. This can be utilized to store files that consist of information on name, address, e-mail, phone, fax and...

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Webdata Classic 2.41o

This easy to use / software creates relational database solutions online, and requires no / technical, programming, or SQL knowledge. Webdata Pro...

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Webdate Pro 1.0

Webdata Pro is the relational version of Webdata with a MySQL backend. It offers the power and flexibility previously available only in packages...

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WebDB 8.0

WebDB 8.0 offers its clients a fast, convenient, flexible productivity tool for managing information. This is done on a web interface with a...

By: WebDB Homepage


WeSQL 0.53

This script is an extension of HTML. It allows user to embed SQL query directly into HTML. SQL queries are converted into HTML using this tool....

By: WeSQL Homepage


Wilma 1.36MN

Wilma can be used to manage lists of items on the web. These are items that can be broken into discrete categories. Any item that can be indexed...

By: Wilma Homepage


WODA 3.210

WODA allows you to manage semi-relational, multimedia databases that are web oriented. It helps you to define, maintain, add, modify, and query...

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