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JiffyDB Manager

JiffyDB Manager is a database manager program that has been designed for web stores. It allows you to add, edit, delete and search items. You can...

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Khakilist: Web Based Flat Text Database 2.III

This program is basically built in perl. This database tool is used to maintain a list of DVD titles. It allows user to enter, remove and update...

By: Kjeld Borch Egevang Homepage


Kiosk 0.90, 5 - Production/Stable Development Status

This script will help you manage your MySQL database. It allows table creation and database management along with regular maintenance of the...

By: Kiosk Homepage


LANdb 0.93

LANdb is perl based database tool. This script manipulates SQL database automatically. LANdb has some advantages like, it supports multi platforms,...

By: Frank Sweetser Homepage


Multidb Express 3.5 4.0

Now with built in templates, You can create searchable sites in seconds using MultiDB. Running on a Unix or Linux system , this uses the Powerful...

By: Dexter Coelho Homepage


MultiDB Express Pro 4.III

This script is used to create the database on your site. MultiDB Express Pro allows webmaster to create separate databases on the web with special...

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multiuser online database creator and search engine

This program is built by using perl and with the help of this program the webmasters can manage their ASCII databases on their web server. It has...

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MyRecords 0.9.14, 4 - Beta

MyRecords helps you to maintain SQL records professionally. It is designed for office use, and offers customization as per the requirement, has...

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Mysql Backup 1.01

This Perl script can backup all your MySQL databases, compress the resulting files and either e-mail it to you or send it to a remote server by...

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mySQL Export 2.I

MySQL Export can be utilized to export or transform mySQL tables into delimited text files. Each file is exported as an independent for each...

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MySQL Man is used for managing data. It is a web based database tool. Webmasters can use this tool to build their site with database table and it...

By: Gossamer Threads Inc. Homepage


MySQL SiteMaker 1.0

MySQL SiteMaker script automatically generates search, results, add and edit HTML screens. It provides a great way to create a sketch of a web...

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MySQL Table Browser/Manager 0.3

Whether you are a PHP, Perl or Python developer or simply have a message board, guestbook or other MySQL application running on your Web server,...

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MySQL Users 1.0

MySQL Users is a simple tool that provides an easy to use web based interface that allows you to create new MySQL users. It can also be used to...

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Mysqldiff 0.30

This script is used to compare the data structures of MySQL databases and the results will be returned which is suitable for piping to MySQL. At...

By: Adam Homepage


Nahonix csMyBackup 1.0

Backup your MySQL databases within seconds. Comes with easily customizable templates to change the look and feel of the program. Cron tab...

By: Justin Nahinaaaa Homepage


Oracletool 2.0

This is a web based application that is highly interactive and runs as a CGI script while just using the available web server. The major advantage...

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PerlMyAdmin 1.0.0-beta3

PerlMyAdmin is a web based administration tool for mysql written in perl. All common mysql tasks are supported such as dropping and creating...

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Personal Memoranda

Let your site users submit their personal information and business particulars to your searchable database (pending approval by administrator)....

By: Lawrence Lamaaaa Homepage


Quick MySQL 1.0

This script allows user to do the several works like, they can customize the data from database, it displays all contents and all definitions, user...

By: Jim Melanson Homepage