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Popular Downloads - CGI/PERL, Database Manipulation

Filemaker To Mysql Migration 1.23

This Perl DBD::ODBC/DBD::mysql script was automatically generated error-free by FmPro Migrator running on MacOS X. This script runs on Windows in...

By: David Simpsonaaaa Homepage


CSV Edit

This database tool allows user to edit and search the stored records. It allows user to manage database without file transfer protocol. Several...

By: EZscripting Homepage


txtSQL 1.0

txtSQL (pronounced "text-sequel") is a class containing a variety of functions designed to mimic a database system, using only regular text files.

By: txtSQL Homepage


CSV Write

By using this script you can send your data from your own website to CSV write script. At last the informations will be added to the database and...

By: EZscripting Homepage


Reunion Address DataBase 0.4

Reunion Address DataBase is a Script that has been written in Perl. This assist you in managing an address database. This could be for an...

By: Reunion Address DataBase Homepage


DataEncode -

Custom data encoding algorithm... sounds nice, doesn't it? It is. Have vital documents that you want to be read ONLY with your permission? This is...

By: Homepage


csGrid View

csGridview is a simple database management tool. User can create their own database table. They can import or copy and paste the existing data in...

By: CgiScript Homepage


1-2-3 indexsoft MySQL backups manager 2.II

This powerful script will make saving and restoring your MySQL databases as easy as "one-two-three. It is simple and convenient to use and will...

By: Serzh Black Homepage


CSV Manager 1.0

CSV manager is a script written in Perl. It facilitates you to add records or to perform searches on the csv databases. These searches can be made...

By: CSV Manager Homepage


Web-o-Dex 1.0

Web-o-Dex is a web based database tool. This can be utilized to store files that consist of information on name, address, e-mail, phone, fax and...

By: Web-o-Dex Homepage