Components, Scripts, Codes: CGI/PERL / Communication Tools

Web-B-Mail 2.0

This is a script that was originally meant for use by online classes or classes of small children for whom Internet email access might not be...

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VOCP 0.9.3

This site is organized to maximize the likelyhood that you will find the information you need - there are often a number of ways to access any...

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VOCP Voice Messaging System 0.9.0

This is a script that will transform your computer into a voice messaging and call answering system. The VOCP System will help you to create any...

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Sycro's Instant Messenger 2.0

This is a script that is written in Perl and is like an Instant Messenger. It works on Unix platform and the latest version 2.0 offers features...

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Sendpage 0.9.5

Sendpage is a Perl tool available under the GNU General Public License. This helps you to send messages via a modem through paging central...

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Private Messenger 1.I

Private Messenger is a perl script where users can chat or send message to any other users of coranto. The message sent by the users will have the...

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Perl Instant Messenger

This is a kind of instant messenger that helps you to check, send and receive messages. This also allows you to sign up, login, and view a users...

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PedBot 1.I

Pedbot is a script that becomes your own an AOL Instant Messenger robot. It offers excellent features for both the users and the administrators. It...

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Netcard 2.0.3

Netcard is a multi-platform compatible Perl script that is very useful, if you want to give your site visitors free web space but you don't want to...

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MisterHouse II.32

MisterHouse is a perl program that has a web interface and allows control and feedback from any browser. It works on a local 'intranet' or on the...

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Mill Roas Site Builder -

Mill Roas Site Builder is a Linux compatible script that allows you to give visitors to your site a free website. Set the number of pages and...

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IN and OUT PRO 3.0

IN and OUT PRO is coded in perl software that is useful in office and project administration. This script lets you customize the appearance of...

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IMDScripts Messenger Beta 0.3

IMD Messenger is a web-based method that will help the individuals in your organization to communicate quickly and effectively with each other. IMD...

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I'm Online 2.V

This Perl script is good for websites having live video or "cam shows". This script can also be used to indicate to the surfers that webmaster is...

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ICQ Online Status

ICQ Online Status this script as the name suggests will display your ICQ status on your web page. It will have an "online image" displayed,...

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ChatterBox by Poetic pollution 0.2.2

This script is built for the webmasters to let their users to chat. It supports HTML toolkit and emoticons. It suits any site by using a style...

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HomePage2 2.50901

With this script you can give users access to their own page and update it when they wish to... perhaps a member's section on a group web site, or...

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Dicole 2.0.1

Dicole is to track the projects and network based learnings etc., using it's inbuilt perl functions. Web based admin section allows multiple users...

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Community Weaver 5.0

Community Weaver is both a Linux and Unix compatible script that was designed for flexibilty and adaptability. Plus it provides two complimentary...

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Ababa Control Panel 2.0

Ababa Control Panel is a Unix compatible hosting management software. Features include account details (homepath, shell, etc), file manager,...

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