Components, Scripts, Codes: CGI/PERL / Bookmark Management

Tobi's Live BookMarks Presenter 2.IX

Tobi's Live BookMarks Presenter is a Perl script that allows you to convert a Netscape bookmarks file to a friendly web tree simulation. Netscape...

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Stouk Bookmarks Manager Lite 1.0

Manage categories and links. / Create personalized styles, save styles and change them with a single click. / Increase visitors number to your site...

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Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro pro

Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro id the more advanced version of Stouk Bookmarks Manager Pro Lite. Allows users to organize their bookmarks, the...

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Nihongo's BookMarker 1.0.3a

Nihongo's BookMarker is a script changes netscape bookmark files into a tree of web pages. This bookmark manager then manages a list of favourite...

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FavSync Perl 1.0

FavSync is a free program which will keep your favourites menu from various computers 'In Sync.' Now, using this free Perl script, you can view...

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Bookmarks from CGI biz 1.0

Bookmarks allows visitors to keep their bookmarks on your site and store them in a categorized list stating title, url and category when they add a...

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booksort 1.III

This script has been written to enable you to sort a Netscape bookmark file alphabetically. The script has default setting for being case...

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Bookmark Converter (BM.PL) 1.0

BM.PL is a command-line script that converts Internet Explorer 3 Favorites to Navigator 3 Bookmarks, converts Navigator 3 Bookmarks to Internet...

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Bookmark Master 3.X

Bookmark Master is a script that can manage internet explorers favourite links. It can get information of links such as created time, connected...

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bmark 1.II

bmark generate a set of Web pages from your Netscape bookmarks file. These are organized in the manner desired by you. It creates the Web pages...

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bmarkcgi 1.0

bmarkcgi is a CGI program that overcomes the problems of Netscape and allows you to publish your Netscape bookmarks on a Web site. The bookmarks...

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b. 1.4.2002

b. is a bookmarking manager and is web based and accessible from any browser. The features are- A new and powerful feature is the ability to share...

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