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RZ Ad will allow you to place advertisements( paid or free) on your sites, and will allow your advertisers to track statistics on their ads. It is...

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Real Estate Listing System 3.0

Real Estate Listing System is a Unix compatible powerful, fast and easy to use program. When a new listing is added,the user can assign a MLS or...

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Random Newsletter Banner Ad 1.0

The Random Newsletter Banner Ad is a Perl based ad management script which allows you to create a normal ad banner of dimension 468x60 with 6...

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Qbanner 0.3 alpha

Qbanner is a Perl+Mysql Ad-Server with support of GIP, JPG and PNG files. Provides Graphical representation of statistics. Provides cache busting....

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Power Ad

This script will help any website owner to manage a advertisement program for his site. It keeps track of the number of times that a banner has...

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Das Script znhlt PopUpls von Ihrer Seite. Im Adminbereich kann man neue Seiten hinzufRgen, die dann beim verlassen der Homepage aufgerufen werden....

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Plasma Banner Advertiser PRO 2.0

Plasma Banner Advertiser PRO is a comprehensive banner rotation system with which you can sell spaces on your website to place ad banners of any...

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Mikey 1.0

Mikey is a simple yet very effective banner rotation script. This allows you to add any type of advertisement for your website. This program has...

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MIMAnet Ad Rotator 2.0

The MIMAnet Ad Rotator is an online ad management script which is written using Perl for the purpose of rotating the ad banners on your site. It...

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Lyles Banner Rotator

This program will randomly display a pre-defined list of banners anywhere within your site. The admin feature allows you to setup a list of banners...

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Linktrakker DUO II.40

Linktrakker DUO is a traffic generating & monitoring software solution in perl. Easy to install and implement. It has user and admin panels. Just...

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Link Exchange Banner Rotator

This small script will help you to rotate your LE banners so that the same LE HTML code does not get called on a page(s). It creates and inserts a...

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LedAds 2.0

This is the second generation of's perl-based banner program. Using this one can manage the banners (add, delete, modify) and also...

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jbBanner 1.II

This is a comprehensive banner management system that helps you to display banners on your website using SSI or JavaScript tags. With this script...

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InverseFlow Advertising Server 4.3 MySQL

Easy Banner rotation script is a powerful, PERL based rotation program effectively manages to add, remove, and edit banners from an admin page. Web...

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Harlandscripts Link Exchange 1.0

Harland Link Exchange is a perl driven Link exchange script. A complete system to allow you to start and run a successful Link exchange site. Or...

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Manage users who booked exit/intro popups. Supports IDs. No editing in the scripts needed. Supports multiple languages. Visit the webpage...

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EasyBanners 2.XII

EasyBanners is a powerful and simple cgi banner rotation program. Provides complete banner statistics information like number of credits, Number of...

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DynAds Pro 1.20

DynAds Pro is a rotation and tracking expert full of features. Rotate and track any content and URL. Track ads, pages and visitors. RoN, PPC, CPM...

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Dream Catchers Advertiser ?

Dream Catchers Advertiser is a multi-platform compatible script that keeps track of advertisers on your site. It rotates your advertisers and keeps...

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