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Refer to our web site for documentation, examples, and to test it yourself. / This is a great tag for those who want to generate PDF/PS/HTML files instantly. It supports many features including: / 1. Page breaking / 2. Footer and header editing. / 3. Font type, size, colors customization / 4. Encryption abilities / 5. Image files support: GIF/JPEG/PNG/ and others / 6. Supports compression (pdf document and image compression) / 7. Generating password protected documents. / 8. Supports META attributes (Search keyword, author, description, generator, etc.) / 9. Choose margins for your document / 10. Choose orientation for your generated document (Landscape vs. Portrait). / 11. Choose page size (Letter, Legal, Universal, A4, or custom widthXheight) / 12. support for background images / 13. support for duplexing. / 14. support for absolute and relative paths / NO TAG INSTALLATION REQUIRED. Just place this tag in the directory you have access to and start calling it. No CFX installation or registration! / Those are the top 14 properties you can control in your PDF generated file. There is a total of 52 properties you can control directly from your tag. / You can generate PDF/PS/HTML files in one of three ways: / 1. You can supply static or dynamic text between the opening and closing DynamicPDF tags to convert this text into PDF/PS/HTML file. This is excellent for generating customized PDF/PS files for your customers by including their names, logo, and personal information. YES! DynamicPDF 1.0 supports adding images to your generated PDF files. It is also great for generating web pages to add to your web site. / 2. You can use HTML (or any web language) to format your text enclosed within the opening and closing DynamicPDF tags!! That is right, you can literally format a page using tables, headers, text formatting (bold, italics), etc. and see the same result on your PDF/PS/H


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