Components, Scripts, Codes: CFML / Image Manipulation

zGallery - Cold Fusion Image Gallery 1.II

zGallery is a Cold Fusion 5 based image display script that can be easily integrated into any CFM site. Here are just a few of it's features.

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Slideshow Pro Wizard - SSPWIZ 1.I

From your camera to your Gallery in just one click!SSPwiz is the complete, multi-user, easy to use, web-based administration system for Slide Show...

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iGallery updated 1.V

iGallery is a ColdFusion custom tag that can easily be dropped into your look. It has a list of 62 attributes that provide you with the...

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iGallery 1.0

This is a ColdFusion custom tag that is designed to be dropped into your look and feel quickly and easily. It has a list of 40 attributes that...

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CFX_JpegResize 1.0

CFX_JpegResize is a custom Cold Fusion tag that can resize JPG images. It takes a file from the server as input, performs a resize, and then saves...

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CF_Gallery 1.0

CF_Gallery is a ColdFusion tag that / creates a html tables with thumbnails with many options and generates the links for a pop-up windows thats...

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