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This is a message board system based on the ColdFusion and equipped with events calendar, support for style sheets, message archives, private messages, search functions, group functions, private forums, ReadOnly forums and a host of other new features. / General Features / ? Events Calendar. / ? Up to the minute display of who is currently online. / ? Member directory. / ? Advanced search function. / ? Users have to register before they can post. / ? Group Forums have their own Member Directory. / ? Users can print topics. / ? Users can view a text-only versions of the topics. / ? Users can view the message thread, which crearly shows who replied to the posts. / ? View how many times a topic has been viewed and replied to. / ? Users can preview their posts, works in both IE and Netscape. / ? Display of new messages since you last logged in. / ? Prevention of accidental double posts / ? Ability to create Sticky-Posts. / ? Administrators, Moderators and users have access to a 256 color Palette, which they can use to specidy colors for poll answers, forums settings and global settings. / ? Plus more . . . / Administrative Features / ? Setup unlimited categories and forums. / ? Specify who can use the Events Calendar. / ? Disable Private Mesages betweem members. / ? Use caching to increase the load times of forum pages. / ? Specify who can use Avatars. / ? Specify who can create polls. / ? Ability to create Global Polls / ? Use a Powered Word Filter system to filter out words from posts. / ? Ability to create Group Forums. / ? Ability to create Private (password protected) Forums. / ? Ability to create Public Forums. (no registration required to post) / ? Ability to create Read-Only Forums. / ? Use a Powered Control Panel to manage which Avatars will be used. / ? Ability to ban members by username or IP Address & use cookies. / ? Ability to lookup logged IP Addresses or search for an IP Address. / ? Ability to make sure users verify their email addresses before they can post. / ? Ability to write your own forum rules, which are visible when users register. / ? Send Mass Emails to all members or to different user types. / ? View the list of all polls created by Administrators, Moderators and users. / ? Delete topics from all forums or from specific ones. / ? Delete private messages according to the date they were posted. / ? Administrators inherit all features Moderators have. / ? Plus more . . . / Navigation & Customization Features / ? Seamless integration with your existing web site. / ? Use Style Sheets to match the design of your website. / ? Full control over which colors, fonts and font sizes are used. / ? Specify how the date should be displayed throughout the forums system / ? Ability to enable/disable HTML DKCode Emoticons and images on posts and signatures. / ? Administrators and moderators have a different set of buttons than what users have, making it easier for them to move around the forums system. / ? Links are provided at the top of the pages to make it easier for users to navigate around the forums. / ? A dynamic drop down list / ? Specifying the page width also controls the size of certain form fields. / ? Specify in which order Forums and Categories should be displayed (alphabetical order, ascending, descending) / ? Plus more . . . /


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