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Graphics Mill for .NET is an imaging SDK geared for web and desktop application development. The SDK includes a .NET imaging classes library, WinForms controls for desktop applications and AJAX controls for interactive web imaging solutions.

Feature highlights:
x64 support in beta version (final release coming soon)
Extensive format support
*TIFF (thumbnails from multiple pages, all compression methods)
*JPEG (lossless compression, subsampling, replace image region without full recompression)
*GIF (Animated GIF resize, read and write)
*PDF (write only)
*SWF (write only)
*PSD (read only, rasterize layers)
Rich image metadata support: IPTC, XMP, EXIF, Adobe Image Resource Blocks
Advanced color management
*16 bit per channel color space
*CMYK color space for all appropriate image formats
*Color space conversion in real time
*Embedded color profiles support
*Black point compensation
Image correction
*Hue/Saturation/Lightness correction
*Brightness/contrast correction (automatic and manual)
*Levels tone correction (automatic and manual)
*Curves tone correction
*Custom LUT
*Histogram equalization
*Channel balance
*Unsharp Mask
*Median Filter (removing noise/scratches)
Advanced printing - optimally fit multiple images to page
Advanced resize - fast and quality resize algorithms
Advanced on-the-fly thumbnailing
Precise rotation
AJAX controls
*Bandwidth-friendly viewport that performs load on demand
*Image region selection, zoom and pan controls
WinForms controls
*Advanced memory-friendly viewport
*Containers for manipulating and transforming raster and vector objects
*Multi-layer image control
*Thumbnail list control
Effects and transforms
*Document imaging (maximum, minimum and median filters, scale to gray, etc)
*Photo (invert, blur, edge detect, emboss, page curl, spray, etc)
Performance optimization
*Unmanaged code where necessary
*SSE optimization
*Multithreading support
*Set of demo applications available


Ajax - Convert - Document Imaging - Effects - Graphics - Image - Image Correction - Image Processing - Imaging - Jpeg Transform - Photo Imaging - Red-Eye - Resize - Rotate - Thumbnail

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