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SphinxConnector.NET is an all managed .NET library to access the functions and features of the Sphinx full-text search engine from your .NET applications.


Support for Sphinx 0.9.8, 0.9.9 RC2 and 0.9.10 (preliminary) in one library
Support for string attributes introduced with Sphinx 0.9.10
Support for features introduced in 0.9.9 like:
- Persistent connections: open one connection for several operations to minimize connection overhead.
- Override attributes: temporarily change the value of an attribute without modifying the actual value for advanced search scenarios.
- Select clause: write SQL-like statements to operate on attributes

Search related features:
- Set value and range filters
- Schedule several queries for batch execution
- Specify how Sphinx should match and rank documents
- and more

Access to additional functions exposed by the Sphinx search engine:
- Build excerpts
- Build keywords
- Update attributes
- Query Sphinx for status variables

SphinxConnector.NET uses custom types as arguments for methods operating on Sphinx attributes. This gives you strongly typed access to these methods and also enables the compiler to check whether the operation is valid for a given type.


.Net - Full-Text Search - Search - Sphinx - Sphinx .Net Client - Sphinx C# Client

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