IIS Application Pool Recycler 1.III

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IIS 6.0 uses the IIS 6.0 process model (w3wp.exe) and introduces a new isolation feature called application pooling. Application pooling allows applications to run together in one or more processes, as long as they share the same pool designation. But sometimes IIS worker process crashes, hangs or stops due to memory leakage, bad script codes, and cannot be recovered or recycled by IIS 6.0. / The recycling application pool allows you to recover the system recourses. When IIS cannot recycle the application pools, all the web sites in the crashed pool cannot respond to web user requests. / Recycler creates test web sites for every application pool and reads them continuously. When it cannot read the test web site, it recycles its application pool. Recycling application pool protects websites against down time. / Recycler is the most powerful application against crashed, hanged or stopped application pools. Recycler is a must have if you offer Windows hosting with Windows Server 2003.


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