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October 28th, 2008. Jakarta, Indonesia – Intersoft Solutions, a premier provider of award-winning of ASP.NET and Silverlight controls, today announced the release of WebUI Studio 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.

With Intersoft Solutions' ongoing commitment to innovation and highly refined Web application development, WebUI Studio 2008 R2 SP1 bundles important enhancements to our Silverlight and ASP.NET solutions – including Silverlight 2.0 support for WebAqua – with new support for the Google Chrome browser.

WebCombo.NET 4.0 and WebGrid.NET Enterprise 6.0 are two of the best-selling data bind components on the market. Both support LINQ-to-SQL technology, enabling developers to build highly responsive data aware web applications with hyper fast data retrieval. To support this impressive data binding capability, SP1 also introduces the new ISLinqDataSource control for comprehensive data aggregation functions.

WebScheduler.NET 2.0 has also been improved to include TimelineView™, an advanced feature that lets you interact with the events in a Gant Chart layout. TimelineView includes five-level data drilldown – which allows your users to make the most of their data. New multiple-selection capabilities make working with WebScheduler easier than ever before: Simply drag-and-drop selected dates to create events from a single click. We've also tuned and updated numerous other control behaviors.

Google Chrome support

With SP1, Intersoft Solutions is pleased to announce the support for Google Chrome. With its powerful V8 JavaScript engine, web applications powered by WebUI Studio load faster and behave more responsively, while maintaining a consistent layout and a refined user interface. End users can now enjoy the same pixel-perfect rendering in Chrome as they do in Internet Explorer or Firefox. WebUI Studio SP1 is fully optimized to support Chrome and leverage its remarkable JavaScript engine.

With Chrome, WebScheduler's initial loading times are five times faster than with Internet Explorer 7. When combined with Intersoft's TripleLoad™ technology, developers receive a world class scheduling component that is ideal for enterprise application solutions.

Silverlight 2.0

As a pioneer in Silverlight controls, Intersoft Solutions adds to its roster of innovative ideas with the Silverlight 2.0 support now available in SP1's enhanced WebAqua component. Improvements to flow and zoom logic make WebAqua.NET sleeker and sharper than ever before. As enterprise-ready Silverlight controls, WebAqua now gives you impressive Silverlight databinding capabilities. Seamlessly bind data to controls and give end users stunning data visualization options.

Existing customers can login to the Intersoft Developer Network 3.0 and download their copy of WebUI Studio 2008 R2 SP1 now, without additional cost. New users, download the 30-day full trial version today.

About Intersoft Solutions

Intersoft Solutions is an award-winning industry leader in Rich Internet Application components, providing a broad range of innovative, high performance ASP.NET and Silverlight tools for professional developers, independent software vendors, and enterprise technology partners. Visit for more information.

About WebUI Studio.NET

WebUI Studio, for ASP.NET or Silverlight, is Intersoft Solutions’ flagship component suite. Global 3000 companies rely on WebUI Studio to power their mission critical web applications.

Today, WebUI Studio is the developer's top choice for the ultimate in rapid web application development needs. Visit to find out how WebUI Studio can help developers create tomorrow's web applications today.


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