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DHTML JavaScript component with ASP.NET wrapper WebControl and DataGrid objects to display, edit and upload data in table, grid, tree view or grid with tree on HTML page. Compatible with IE 5.0+, Mozilla 1.0+, Firefox 1.0+, Opera 7.60+. / Manages by own a data transfer from and to database and from and to client browser. / Supports XML (SOAB) web services. Can upload data without or by page submit. / Specs: Tree functions, rows dragging by mouse, rows adding, deleting, rows filtering and sorting, calculated cells like in MS Excel, column resizing and moving. User script extensions by events, CSS styles, expert scrolling, localization to other languages, user controls and many more. / EJS TreeGrid is client component and runs on client browser. It does not require any installation or other components on client or server side. It does not need any JavaScript code to use TreeGrid on a page. It has very small code (about 70 kB). It is very easy to build the control into html page in any server script environment (ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ... , any XML web service). In this environments you need only code for reading and writing data in described format. For best known scripts there is available code to read and write TreeGrid data format from and to database. Data format can be XML or CSS. Bandwidth between server and client is reduced to minimum because all actions are performed on client side and from and to server are sent just pure data. /


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