ASP Membership Subscription 3.0

Version: 3.0




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ASP Membership Subscription (With Credit Card, Pending Submission Queue, Mailing List, Send Newsletter Functions & Internal and External Messaging) allows you to enhance your website by capturing user info on a MS Access Database. You can also create a membership level system for your website. When visitors register they are asked for Credit Card details and upon submission they are entered into a pending queue. At this point they can not log in unless the Admin reviews and approves submission. Email notifications are sent to both the client and admin during the registration process so you can review and approve immediately. As an admin you can charge higher rates for people who want to upgrade their membership level on your website. Using the Admin control panel you can upgrade membership levels. Using MS Access you can re-assign the WebPages which load up after the user has entered his/her Username and Password. /


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