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Zephyrus 1.0.8

If you want to provide your visitor the choice to search for words contained in your site's documents. IIS 4.0 and above comes with "Index Server"...

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Web Site Search Using Classes

The WebSiteSearch Object newest version includes a simplified programmer's interface with fewer properties to set before using the class,...

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Simple Site Search 1.0

Simple Site Search features include multiple search terms may be used,- files and folder to be search can be defined independently,- search only...

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Search Wizard for IIS

The source code for this search wizard is free, you can use it on your own web sites. The main page of the wizard is search .asp. It contains all...

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Go Smart Site Search 1.0

Webmasters can utilize this ASP program to add a search module to their website. Users can input their own keywords with search field and resulted...

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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine 6.3.2003

This is a powerful program that can be used as a text searching and retrieving system on users database driven web applications. This program has...

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ASPSimpleSearch 1.XI

ASPSimpleSearch is simple to set up, consists of only three files and can literally be up and running in seconds. This script does a real-time...

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ASP Site Search Engine I.53

The ASP Site Search Engine script allows for the number of results shown on a page to be set with provision to hyperlinks to the other pages. You...

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ASP Site Search-SearchSimon - Lite 1.0

ASP Site Search is one of the powerful ASP search engine more helpful for the webmasters to locate any of their static web pages within their ASP...

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ASP File Finder

You may use this code in your own programs (and may compile it into a program and distribute it in compiled format for languages that allow it)...

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Alivesites Site Search 2.0

This is an ASP based program that allows webmasters to facilitate their visitors by providing searching facility. Visitors can effectively search...

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