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PollMonkey.com offers a web-based interface for creating and managing custom web polls. / After customers sign up, they are given the option of either creating a poll from scratch or modifying an existing poll. Customers have complete control over the design process, and can immediately preview the look and feel of their poll. After the design is finished, adding the poll to an existing Web page is as simple as copying and pasting a snippet of code. There is no software to install and no programming to learn, a tremendous timesaver for even those with programming skills. As the responses are being collected, customers can view the results live and be automatically notified by email. The security of each poll can be controlled by choosing to grant or deny access to certain IP addresses, a useful tool to stop ballot-stuffing. If a problem is discovered later, certain IP addresses and ranges can be filtered out of the results. In addition, PollMonkey.com allows customers to download the raw data for import right into Excel or a compatible spreadsheet.


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