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Do you know what's really travelling through your network? Are you having problems finding sources of network slowdowns? This network monitor and protocol analyzer is the ultimate application for traffic-level network monitoring, troubleshooting, analysis, and visualization. If your network is crawling to a standstill, and you suspect there might be a problem with the network traffic, Network Probe will quickly help you identify what is causing the problem, show you who is generating the troublesome traffic, and where the traffic is being transmitted or received.Network Probe displays the total throughput for the network being monitored, and the number of bytes, packets, hosts, conversations, protocols, and network cards on your network. You can also see the throughput for packets, and the compounded number of hosts, conversations, protocols, and network cards.Network Probe will quickly show you the most active protocols, talkers, listeners, hosts, and conversations. You can select the length of the top lists, the sorting, and which counter it should be listed by. You can also display the throughput for each entry. It allows you to select a list of your own protocols, hosts, and conversations to be monitored and keep an eye on activity you feel is important on your network.Network probe will let you see all the network protocols in use use on your network. It will show you the protocol names, ports, and descriptions, the amount of traffic seen, the throughput, and the number of hosts and conversation using each protocol.

Language: ASP.NET


Monitor - Network - Network Monitor - Networking Tool - Protocol - Protocol Analyzer

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