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This is an useful tool for the programmers or for webmasters to grab their required web pages from other sites quickly. For this function this...

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URLFetch 1.0.4

This is a powerful network component that helps web users to retrieve and post data via network by setting HTTP protocol. GET and POST HTTP...

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ShotIp 2.I

ShotIp allows you to retrieve text or binary data from remote Web host, post form data to Web host, send complicated email message containing...

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PowerTCP Web Enterprise Tool 1.6.2001

This is an useful component for the web users that allows them to pass their data to others and also they can retrieve their required data from...

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Power TCP Web Tool 1.1.2002

This is an useful networking tool that allows web administrators to send and receive data through HTTP pages by enabling HTTP protocol on the...

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This component is helpful for the users to transfer data using HTTP requests like, GET, HEAD and POST. It accepts any type of documents like, MS...

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This is an ASP based network application that helps ASP developers to retrieve and display other web pages from other servers on their ASP web...

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Majodio.HTTP 1.1.2003

This is an useful networking components used for communication using HTTP pages. This tool uses GET, POST etc., as HTTP requests to send and...

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khttp 1.2.2003

khttp component permits your webpage to get content from other websites. This is useful for showing stock tickers, weather information, news...

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INX Generic HTTP Poster DLL 1.0.3

This tool is used to send form data to any existing web applications. It is useful for the programmer who writes automated programmes. It offers...

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HTTP transfer component 3.VII

This is an ASP based network component that allows network administrators or any web users who want to send and access web pages or document of...

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This is an ASP component used to retrieve the information using HTTP component and DNS lookup tool for grabbing other website web pages and to...

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DynuHttp 1.0

DynuHttp allows you to retrieve the URL associated with the URL Property being Set. It permits you to Retrieve the HTTP headers sent by the remote...

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DynuHTTP ASP Component

This is an useful networking tool used to pass and access data from other system by enabling HTTP protocol on the network. GET and POST are the...

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Coalesys HTTP Client Library

This is an ASP based component which is helpful for the web developers to learn more about HTTP requests and related details. This tool allows...

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AspTear I.50

This tool is helpful for the users to access web pages from other servers. It supports Extensive Secure Socket Layer to provide secured environment...

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Absolute HTTP is an network component that helps users to communicate information through HTTP pages by enabling HTTP protocol. Managing remote...

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