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Disc Create Express 2.7.1

Disc Create Express includes the feature to directly burn & create standard audio CDs from existing audio files to play in the CD player, as well...

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WebResolve 1.0

With the help of WebResolve you can enter the IP address and get the mane of the website. You can also enter the website name and obtain the IP...

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Simple DNS &Traceroute

This is an ASP based network component which is used to send for DNS lookups and for traceroute. DNS lookup is used to lookup hostname using IP...

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Resolver 2.0

Resolver is a simple way to carry out forward and reverse look up of IP address and host name from an application. Resolver object includes 4...

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LyfDNS 1.0

This script can be used to resolve internet hostnames into IP address and also it can be resolved from IP address to host name alternatively. It...

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Hex Lookup

This is an useful tool for the web users who want to lookup domain name and full address for the given IP address and also it can be used for...

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HexDns 1.0

HexDns ActiveX component lets you to retrieve any Domain Name System (DNS) record. This component will also allow you to Check domain name...

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DynuDNS 1.0

DynuDNS component allows you to look up and reverse look up of IP address from host name and vice- versa. You can also obtain local IP and host...

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Des Resolve 1.0

This function is useful in determining the IP address of another computer or user. It resolves hostnames, ghost IPs, URLs and FQDN. This component...

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dDNS 1.0

dDNS resolve IP addresses or perform reverse-lookups on IP addresses. dDNS is an server-side component. It is called from an ASP page or VB...

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BlackBytes Dns for .NET 1.0

The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the distributed host information database that's responsible for translating names into addresses, routing mail...

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ASP MX Component

This is an useful component for the web users who want to know the hostname of email address. This tool will lookup the names of the mail servers...

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ASP DNS COM Component 1.0.0

This tool is helpful for the users to resolve internet hostnames into IP address or by resolving IP address into a complete domain name. It helps...

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Alternative ASPDNS DLL 0.5.1

This is an ASP based component which is used for providing simple Domain Name Service lookups into ASP pages. By using this tool web users can find...

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