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Newsletter Mx is bundled with Html Editor for Composing Newsletters Online (insert tables, Form elements, Add images, Word Spell Checker and support for 22+ languages and lot more. If the Editor does not serve your purposes then Create your own Template with any Html Editor of your choice and click Send. Still not satisfied? You are lazy to make templates then just Use any URL as template. You can also send Attachments with each composed Newsletter. / Subscribe and Unsubscribe pages included with password security. / Real Time Progress bar integrated to follow the progress of the mail being send. / Mail (batch or simple) Members or Adressee's. / Assign Categories to Adressee's, set them as VIP's Online according to your needs and lot more. / --------------------------------- / Newsletters Options: / By Category: / Newsletter will be sent to entries in the database according to Categories choosen / By Entries: / You can select which entries should receive Newsletter independent of Categories. / By VIP: / Newsletter will be sent to entries in the database set as VIP / By Category & VIP: / Newsletter will be sent to entries in the database set as VIP and choosen Categories. / Search: / Search for the users you want to send Newsletter / ------------------------------------- / Admin Area: / -Administrate Configuration / -Administrate Members (Add/ Delete Members,Member Status, Contact Members, Search Members, Members Detail & Newsletter History) / -Administrate Newsletters (Search Newsletters & view Newsletters sent by all Members) / -Newsletter Adressee's (Add/Edit Adressees Details, Search Adressees, Set Adressees VIP) / -Administrate Categories / Member's Area: / -Edit Account details / -Admin Css / -Newsletter History / -Search sent Newsletters


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