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Album MX Pro is a online Photo Gallery where any number of users can register, create & share there own Gallery immediately. Users have total control of the Album features except some Admin Priviledges. / Users can further pass an ID to family and friends to show the Album. / -Login, Registration (with email Verification), Password Recovery Page / -Upload PICS (GIF, JPG, PGM, PNG, TGA, TIFF, PCX, BMP) / -Html Editor for adding comments to the PIC / -Admin Section for Users (Edit account, Edit Album details, Add Cat/SubCategories, Change Cat/SubCategories, multiple CSS online). / -Super Admin section for Admin/ Owner (Take control of all the users and Pics in the album, configuration and multiple CSS online). / -Send a real Postcard (requires: AspJpeg, AspImage, AspSmart, ImgWriter) / -Email PICS / -Upload progress bar / -Show album to friends (needs no login or registration). / -Set Private and public pic. / -Set Favourite PICS. / -Options like Zoom, Grayscale, Rotation, Invert, X-ray, Alpha & Mirror / -Slide View / -Thumbnail View / -Rating System / -Add Categories and Subcategories / -Includes MS Access database / -Multiple CSS option ( set the look of the Album during Day of week, Time of the day, Random or Fixed online just with a single click / ------------------------------------- / Requirements: / -Server running ASP (IIS5+,PWS). -Supported Email component / CDO, CDONTS, JMail, ASPMail or ASPEmail / -One of the following Image Components: / AspJpeg, AspImage, AspSmart, ImgWriter, AspThumb / ------------------------------------- / -No Upload component required / -Aspect ratio is always preserved during the resize / -IE 5.5+, NS 6+, Mozilla 1+ (Some features are not available in NS & Mozilla /


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