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aspSmartZip is an ASP based online web component which can handle file compression on IIS servers. User can retrieve the files from the server and...

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This is a program that comes with the ability to manage remote files. This program manages files via HTTP and requires no FTP. This program is...

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ASPCommander 1

HIHG-END file manager for WinNT (ASP) platrofm. ASP commander turns your standard browser into a "NortonCommander" like file manager. You can use...

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aspEasyZIP 3.I

aspEasyZIP is an ASP based online server component for IIS server. It offers features like zipping and unzipping the files present in the server....

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ASP Zip Component 1.0

ASP Zip Component is ActiveX component offering high performance WinZip?, PKZIP?, and UNIX gzip compatible compression and decompression...

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ASP pure file Upload with progress bar 2.0

Easy to use, hi-performance pure asp include - multiple files upload script with HTML progress bar indicator. ASP upload to server disk, database...

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ASP huge file upload with progress bar 2.IV

Easy to use, hi-performance ASP file upload component with progress bar indicator. Let's you upload multiple files with size up to 2GB to a disk or...

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ASP Download 1.0

Use this to manage the downloads on your site. The admin can add and edit downloads, as well as view download counts for each file. The script uses...

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AnyPortal Site Manager

AnyPortal Site Manager is an online file editing script that helps you to edit your website files without using a text editor or any other FTP...

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AdvZip is an ASP based compression component that provides all the functionalties for zipping and unzipping the files for all applications. This...

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ADEX Shares 2.0

ADEX Shares is a Windows compatible program that features: Gets the ServerName for an IP Address. Gets the list of Servers in a domain. Enumerates...

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AbyssLabs.INIFile Component

AbyssLabs.INIfile component is a regular in-process COM-server providing a set of methods to read data from any *.INI file, to save data to the...

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Abcupload 4.I

HTTP file upload is as simple as ABC with ABCUpload. Our Pure HTML Progress Bar allows your visitors to see the progress of their upload in real...

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