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X-Send 0.3.5

X-Send makes using CDO much easier, using the power of CDOSYS and Scripting.Dictionary object. With the latest version you can even get error...

By: FreedomWeb.US Enterprises Homepage


A+ Email Verification

You can check the existence of an email address using this ASP script that would call a webservice to get an XML document to check the email...

By: Christopher Michael Chenoweth Homepage


Verification Code

This program is written using ASP programming that works together with ASP forms to obtain the valid email addresses. Using this way, it is quite...

By: Mohamed Nagy Homepage


Add email account to a windows 2003 pop3 service using script

Lets you add an user email account to windows 2003 pop3 service using script / or other programming environment. The script bellow is written in...

By: Antonin Foller Homepage


An Easy Way To Jmail Forms ?

An Easy Way To Jmail Forms is a multi-platform compatible quick wizard-like form to actually build a form that sends email using JMail. In a couple...

By: RF Homepage


w3JMail 4.IV

Anyone can send and receive emails from anyone without the use of mail servers or mail programs using this component. This component also offers...

By: Duplo AB Sweden Homepage


.NET Email Component Smtp.NET 3.0

Professional Email Component for ASP.NET and .NET Windows Forms which doesn?t extend the System.Web.Mail namespace but was built from the ground up...

By: ExclamationSoft Homepage


IP Works 1.0

IP*Works! WebMail is a full-featured web-based Email client with a rich set of customizable features, and includes full ASP source code. IP*Works!...

By: Homepage


Web based HTML Email Merge

Using this simple and easy to use component, emails can be sent and received between the customers and the webmasters securely. This component can...

By: Comrie Software Solutions Homepage


WebMail Lite 2.0

A set of ASP scripts powered by MailBee Objects that organize e-mail web-interface. WebMail Lite allows users to receive, view, manage, compose and...

By: Alex Homepage