CuteEditor for asp - A powerful ASP HTML Editor 3.0

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CuteEditor for asp is a powerful online web based WYSIWYG HTML editor . It will replace your Textarea to a richtextbox. This web-based WYSIWYG content editing tool empowers end users with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface for creating and publishing web content. / It can integrate seamlessly with your own ASP applications. Immediately, your clients can enjoy the freedom of creating and publishing web content that suits his or her content management systems (CMS), while developers maintain control over a Web site's look and feel. / With the familiar and easy-to-use interface, developers can throw away the frustrations of training business users of HTML syntax as well as that of training to use a new tool. / Configurable and effortless to implement / CuteEditor for asp toolbar is totally configurable. Developers can use predefined button groups, or play with template property to reconfigure the editor's layout on the fly. / It is also effortless to implement. You just need a couple lines of ASP code to add this editor to your web application. / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- / Easy Implementation for developers. A couple lines of ASP code / Customizable. programmatically enable or disable almost every feature / 100% DHTML, JavaScript and ASP code / No slow Java applets or ActiveX components, no plug-in required / Advanced image functions. Wrap text around images / Advanced table and cell functions. You can select any table and double click to edit its properties. / Comes with popular WYSIWYG Word-like interface, no training required / Position absolutely. Fly text, pictures, tables... any element anywhere you want & set layers as you wish. Real flexibility usually seen on desktop applications only. / Microsoft Word code cleaner. / Multi-language support / Maintain Consistency With Templates


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