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Traditional Acctions is an application designed to handle Traditional / Auctions. Traditional Auctions is the process of auction like 'The / seller offers the product for a base price and shoppers bid for it. The / shopper with the higher bid wins the product'. / This handles traditional auctions with the following features like / category management like organized in categories and sub-categories, / Infinite number of categories and sub-categories (infinite tree). Allows to / define Base Price. Indicative - Buyers may bid bellow the base price. No / proposals bellow the base price accepted. Provides facilities to define / product parameters and maintain product pictures. Also provides to / maintain/add/display product parameters and bid details like date close, / terms & conditions / Bids are made with a specified quantity and unit price, and are / accepted if there are available units for the given price. If there are higher / bids for all of the units in the auction, or the price is bellow the / reserve price, the bid is rejected, the bidder being informed of the / minimum price accepted. / At the end of the closing day (24h) the bidder with the highest bid and / the seller are emailed with each other contacts. the auction may be / closed at any given time by the seller, anticipating the closure process. / Bidders need to be registered in a user base, usually the site / registration base. This demand may be turned off, allowing anyone identified by / an email to bid, regardless of the registration status. / There is a separate interface for administration. This application will / normally require some customization to the hosting site "look-and-feel" / but may be used "out-of-the-box". /


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